Roofing businesses busy as strong winds continue

Roofing businesses busy as strong winds continue

Roofing businesses busy as strong winds continue

Published on April 1, 2022

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - After wind events, experts said the obvious check is for things like downed tree limbs or powerlines, but costly damage could also be just out of view.

Over the past few weeks, strong winds have been causing damage to both roofs and siding, and experts said, if left unchecked and unrepaired it could lead to big bills later.

For roofing companies like Rooforia Home Exteriors, the past two weeks have been busy.

“With the constant wind we’ve had since that almost two weeks ago that Tuesday night storm, I think that’s what’s causing all the shingles to blow off, some top rows of the siding kind of pops loose,” said Jeff Menagh with the company.

Menagh said taking a quick walk around your house to look at the siding and your roof after a wind event is the best way to spot potential damage. In recent weeks, he’s seen it on siding, roofs, doors, and other places on houses in Lincoln and beyond.

“You might see stuff flapping around,” Menagh said. “This stuff has been more on the south, southwest side of the house that I’ve noticed the most damage anyways from this wind.”

The price-tag for repairs can vary greatly. Something like shingle replacements can be in the low hundreds of dollars, while whole roofs will set you back thousands. Menagh said waiting to address the damage can also be costly to the interior.

“If that continues to be exposed to the sun and everything else, eventually the underlayment, it will get holes in it and then when it does rain, snow and all that stuff it will cause interior damage to your insulation, your ceiling, drywall,” Menagh said.

Other calls to similar businesses around Lincoln show the rush is hitting them as well, so if you suspect damage, now is the time to speak with experts to get something scheduled.

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